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On now till Sat 20th of Dec
Intercultural Winter Arts Show Annual Group Exhibition
To wind up a very busy year at CFCP. on Thursday the 4th December from 6-9pm. we will open our annual Winter Arts Exhibition.
Fri 19th of Dec at 8pm
Kill the Monster Comedy Improv
Kill The Monster is a longform improvisation group which emerged from No Drama Theatre. For people unfamiliar with "Improv" it is unscripted and involves the creation of a scene from nothing more than audience suggestions. In Longform Improv.
4 classes from 7/Jan - 28/Oct at 6:30pm-9:30pm
Artistic Entrepreneurs – Creative Networking Nights
On 28 October the Centre for Creative Practices will be holding their regular artistic entrepreneurs creative networking nights. This is a free event from 6. 30 - 9.
Thu 15th to Sat 24th of Jan
New Voices: Annemarie Murland "Stories of Origin"
A series of documentary photographs of the Calton area of Glasgow. a destination for Irish migrants to Scotland at the turn of the 20th century. and analogue. black and white portraits and digital. colour portraits of the artist’s daughter.
Thu 29th of Jan to Sat 7th of Feb
New Voices: Sandy Kennedy "Sonnet"
There is a quietness. a rhythm of time passing. a dreamlike or hallucinogenic feel to the work. which sometimes uses ordinary specific words. The film is of the installation made with paper. thread and graphite.
Fri 6th to Sat 7th of Mar
New Voices: Slavek Kwi "Artificial Memory Trace"
Slavek Kwi is sound-artist. composer and researcher whose main interest lies in the phenomena of perception as the fundamental determinant of relations with reality. He has been fascinated by sound-environments for the last 30 years. focusing on electroacoustic sound-paintings. These complex audio-situations are created mainly from site specific recordings.

About the Centre
Centre for Creative Practices, is the home and catalyst for immigrant, experimental and emerging artists in Ireland. We provide a Creative, Supportive and Inclusive multidisciplinary space to integrate different societies through arts and culture.

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