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Sat 29th of Nov at 10am
Introduction to Artistic Entrepreneurship - 1 day workshop
Sat 29th of Nov at 6pm
Connecting Musicality Collaborative Concert Live in Dublin and New York Via Skype
Following the great success of Breakaway Projects ‘Connecting Creativity’ project in 2013. we are delighted have them back at CFCP for ‘Connecting Musicality’.
Mon 1st to Tue 2nd of Dec
Arabic Film Club The Source
The Source (French: La Source des femmes) is a 2011 French drama-comedy film directed by Radu Mihăileanu. starring Leïla Bekhti and Hafsia Herzi. It premiered In Competition at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. In a remote and primitive patriarchal village between the North of Africa and the Middle East.
Tue 2nd of Dec at 7pm-8:30pm
Art Therapy Hub
This workshop is designed for anyone who has an interest in Art Therapy and the use of creative art for emotional expression.
Wed 3rd of Dec at 6:30pm-9pm
New Voices: Heather Bourke "Head, Heart & Stomach - A Philosophical Dinner" Philosophical Dinner & Everyday Philosophy
Could you be a modern day philosopher seeking wisdom and the answers to some of life’s big questions? Philosophical Dinners offer a fun opportunity to apply our own everyday philosophy to current and timeless issues and dilemmas and to learn from the wisdom of our contemporaries.
Fri 12th of Dec at 7:30pm-11pm
Super Tonik Orchestra Concert
The Supertonic Orchestra was founded in 2010 by Przemyslaw Lozowski. a multi-instrumentalist from Lublin. Poland and based in Dublin. Lozowski has gathered a group of musicians from different musical backgrounds. sharing the same vision to bring Polish traditional songs to the Irish audience.
Sat 13th to Mon 15th of Dec
CFCP Magic Theatre Weekend
Welcome to the magic theatre Here will will get together a group of individuals who can help a common good. The whole weekend will be spent looking at how we can help one specific topic that relates to one of our core themes.
Sat 13th of Dec at 9pm-11pm
Dirty Jazz Club
The Dirty Jazz club have been a massive part of the Dublin Jazz scene for over a decade. Their focus is on the exploration and deconstruction of songs and an emphasis on creating a depth and textural soundscape on the melody. form and feel of the tunes.
Sun 14th of Dec at 4pm-5:30pm
Introduction to Tibetan Gongs Sound Massage
The gong bath is a one hour immersion in sacred and healing sound wherein the gong-master activates the full sonic potential of the gong and bathes the listener with sustained waves of primordial sound. During a gong bath.
Fri 19th of Dec at 8pm-10pm
Kill the Monster Comedy Improv
Kill The Monster is a longform improvisation group which emerged from No Drama Theatre. For people unfamiliar with "Improv" it is unscripted and involves the creation of a scene from nothing more than audience suggestions. In Longform Improv.

About the Centre
Centre for Creative Practices, is the home and catalyst for immigrant, experimental and emerging artists in Ireland. We provide a Creative, Supportive and Inclusive multidisciplinary space to integrate different societies through arts and culture.

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