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CFCP Creative Entrepreneurs Intensive Training Programme

1st - 4th December 2016
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Entrepreneurial Training for individual Creatives



It looks like there is quite a lot on your plate and it would be good to give it some structure. There is never enough time or resources to focus on the business side of your practice. On the other hand it drives you mad that it doesn’t work as it could and should. You are not making enough sales, not getting enough contracts or you simply do not know how to start to build a sustainable creative career.

We have been there ourselves and know exactly how frustrating it can be. All we can recommend to you is to STOP, take 3.5 days out and join us for our intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme.

You will spend this time working on the business side of your creative practice. Together with you we will (re)define where you are right now with your creative business and where you want to be. You will formulate goals and steps to take with the primary focus on your specific creative niche.

Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme

This course is extremely beneficial; it’ll help you to answer all your strategic questions and to define the backbone of your creative business. It helps you to prepare a smart plan for the short, middle and also the long term perspective.

We will lead the whole process and provide you with the tools and feedback you need. You will learn the newest entrepreneurial techniques and discuss your ideas and challenges with us and a small group of other Creatives who are working on developing their own creative endeavours. We never accept more than 10 participants!!

The peer interaction is invaluable. The participants come from different creative and artistic backgrounds but have multitude of experiences, contacts and ideas and are always happy to share.

All training at our Creative Entrepreneurs Academy is experience-based learning run by Creatives for Creatives. We combine the unique set of Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills we recommend for creatives of all genres as the best tool for establish a sustainable practice. It’s a steep way but we will do our best to help you to get where you want to be, clearly and efficiently.

Our next Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme will take place in Ashford starting in the evening on Thursday the 1 Dec and finishing on Sunday the 4 Dec around 6pm. Our venue is the beautiful Heritage Centre closely connected to Seamus Heaney’s legacy in this area. Ashford is located 10 km from Wicklow town, it can be easily accessed by car and public transport, has great offer on local accommodation if you need it as well as beautiful gardens and restaurants. It’s a perfect place for a creative and focused weekend.

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The Early bird price of €250.00 is available until 13 November, after this date – €350.00. Registration finishes on the 27 November. Maximum 10 participants.

What you can expect from the Programme!

  • Assessing the current situation of your creative project or business & identifying the gaps/needs.
  • Looking at your biggest challenges and getting ideas on how to approach them.
  • Defining your offering, your market and resources you need.
  • Preparing your unique story for communication with your audiences or shareholders (i.e. grant authorities) to build a relationship and create engagement.
  • Refining your Value Proposition for your audiences and customers.
  • Refining your Go-to-Market strategy.
  • Financial health check of your idea, project or business.
  • Your operational needs.
  • Setting smart goals for the next year but also for middle and long term.
  • The best Marketing & Sales strategy for your project.

A dynamic and productive learning environment

Our Creative Entrepreneur Training Programme provides a dynamic and productive learning environment. We blend experience based learning, individualised training and group interaction. We help to add value to your creative endeavours via productive questioning and feedback. Every Bootcamp is a brilliant networking opportunity that extends your personal and professional network.

Participating creatives can expect the programme to spark goals and help to define concrete steps to building a practical business development strategy aimed at greater financial security, smarter processes, and satisfaction.

What participants say about the CFCP Creative Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

The Programme

CFC Creative Entrepreneurs Bootcamp
Book Your Place Now!See the Programme

The Tutors & Speakers

Monika Sapielak

CEO ArtConnected & Founder of CFCP

Award-winning Artistic Director, Curator, Arts Manager, Producer, Social Entrepreneur and CEO with 25 years of work experience in the Arts.
Special interests include: Interculturalism, Participatory Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts Programmes, Transnational Artistic Programmes and Collaborations, Artistic Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Arts Sector.
Strongly dedicated to developing and presenting artistic programmes that are inclusive, socially engaged, supporting integration of migrant, experimental and emerging artists as well increasing participation of disadvantaged members of society.

Ian Oliver

Head of Creative Entrepreneurship, CFCP

Ian has over 15 years’ senior management and entrepreneurial experience in the Arts, creative and technology Sectors and 4 years’ experience working with Local Government, Local Enterprise Offices, Local Arts Offices, Arts Organisations and Venues, Universities, Businesses and Community Groups throughout Ireland, auditing and engaging the artistic and creative community within specific geographic regions.

Currently Ian is working on advising and designing sustainable projects that utilise art and creativity as the main driver to effect sustainable economic and social change.  He also teaches and mentors artistic and creative entrepreneurship training to adult learners and undergraduate students.

More to be confirmed! – stay tuned

Programme & Timetable

Thursday 1 December

My Mission

6.30 – 7.30pm

Why am I here?

  • Present yourself
  • Hopes & Fears

7.30 – 8.30pm

Me and My Goals

  • Do artists need a purpose?
  • What is my WHY, my drive?
  • Do you know your purpose?

8.30 – 9.30pm

Technology is the key to creativity?

  • Talk / Presentation

Friday 2 December

Assessing the Situation

9.00am – 10.30am

Creative Enterprises as an investable business

  • Entrepreneurial capability

11.00am – 12.30pm

Building Investible Propositions

  • Value proposition
  • Managing Growth
  • Managing Business as Usual

2.00 – 3.30pm

The formula for success: Why, What, How, Who, Outcome

  • The formula for success:
    Why – Purpose
    What – Mission. What is the one problem that is really worth solving?
    How – Unique Value Proposition. How will you solve this problem?
    Who – Target Market. Who has this problem?

4.00 – 5.30pm

Unique Value Proposition. How will you solve their problem?

  • An Introduction to Value Propositions
  • Find and identify your own value propositions

6 – 8.30pm

Challenge Session – present your current biggest challenge

  • Get suggestions, feedback and new ideas

Saturday 3 December

you’re in Sales, get over it!

9.00 – 10.30am

Target Market – Who has this problem? Who can you serve?

  • Define your target market?
  • Who do you serve/help/engage?
  • Your competitors
  • What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? – Define your USP

11am – 12.30pm

Developing your Customer and user Segments

  • Identify and verify your target market / customer segments for each of your products and or services?
  • Develop your customer personas
  • What value are you creating for each persona?
  • Who are your most important customers?

2 – 3.30pm

Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Develop your Marketing Strategy
  • Building Relationships with my customer segments and knowing where they are
  • What is your sales funnel?
  • What are the steps you / your creative enterprise needs to take in order to guide customer interactions with your products?
  • What is your route to market?

4 – 5.30pm

Developing your business model

  • The business model canvas defined
  • Complete your own business model canvas for your enterprise

6 – 8.30pm

Fuck Up Night!

  • Finding out about Failure
  • Share your own fuck up & learnings from it!

Sunday 4 December

SMART Growth

9 – 10.30am

Defining your mission statement

  • Write the mission statement for your creative enterprise

11am – 12.30pm

Your vision of your future

  • Outline your vision for the future

2 – 3.30pm

Plan your Enterprise. SMART Goals and Your Growth Metrics

  • What are your next actions?
  • Making your goals SMART
  • What are your strengths / weaknesses?
  • What actions do you need to take to address them?

4 – 5.30pm

Financial Health of Your Creative Enterprise

  • How much money do you need on a monthly basis/ for your project?
  • Revenue Generation – earned, grants and other sources
  • Costings – What and how much are your costs?

5.30 – 6.30pm

It’s a Wrap!

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Ashford Heritage Centre

Ashford Heritage Centre

Co Wicklow

The scenic village of Ashford is home to the famous Mount Usher Gardens. It is a charming area with breathtaking scenery within minutes. On the doorstep of Devil’s Glen, there are lovely walks both by the river and higher up the glen. Ashford is home to Sculpture in Woodland, which is a beautiful area, that features a unique collection of contemporary sculptures by Irish and international artists.

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 53.01079
Longitude: -6.108289


By Car
From Dublin – Take the N11 south towards Wexford / Arklow.  Take junction 15 of the M11 towards Ashford.  At the first roundabout go right, at the second roundabout go left.  Go straight over the 3rd roundabout and head towards Ashford.

From Arklow – Take the N11 north towards Dublin.  Take junction 16 of the M11 towards Ashford. At the first roundabout turn left and follow the road through the village until you come to the second roundabout where you go straight over.  The centre is immediately on the left.

By Bus Eirean – Take the 133 and get off at the Ashford House.  Walk to the roundabout and the centre is immediately on the left.

by Train – Take the train to Wicklow.  From here please call!

Creative Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

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