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The Centre for Creative Practices

The Centre for Creative Practices, CFCP, founded in September 2009, is the only arts organisation in Ireland DEDICATED TO CONNECTING, INTEGRATING AND PROMOTING migrant, experimental and emerging artists among the local arts scene and audiences. We feel PASSIONATELY about the SUSTAINABILITY of the ARTS SECTOR, particularly for artists, arts professionals and arts organisations.

We look at the increased benefits to society of a vibrant sustainable arts sector as well as the economic benefits. A sustainable arts sector produces more good news stories, which in turn leads to increased engagement, greater public awareness of their importance and greater public funding. One of the ways we can achieve this is through education of artists, arts professionals and arts organisations.

CFCP Awards

  • Shortlisted for the Star Awards – Lifelong Learning – 2015
  • Named in the Purpose Economy 100 for Europe 2014
  • Award Winner of the Arthur Guinness Fund in 2012
  • Multicultural Company of the Year 2011 (MAMA Awards)
  • Shortlisted as Dublin’s Gallery of the Year 2011
  • Supported (also financially) by the Arts Council of Ireland & Dublin City Council Arts Office, Dublin City Council Office of Integration

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