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The Creative & Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

Ian Oliver

Head of Creative Entrepreneurship at the Centre for Creative Practices

Creative & Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY bridges two apparently remote poles of human activities – CREATIVITY & BUSINESS to combat unemployment, create new jobs, support development & personal growth.

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY at the Centre for Creative Practices is the first entrepreneurial offline and online development programme which combines a physical space for desk / office sharing, an incubator programme, and accelerator programme and access to other creatives, funders, mentors, resources for CREATIVES in Ireland helping them to become successful and sustainable entrepreneurs.

Following the findings of the European Commission recognising that successful Creative Entrepreneurs are priceless for sustainable development, strong identity of regions and small countries, we provide affordable and flexible online and offline training, mentoring and resources to develop and strengthen Creative Entrepreneurship in Ireland.

Also 85% of people working in the creative sector are freelancers or Micro SME’s and as neither business or entrepreneur skills are taught in HE or FE then they are lacking in skills to build or manage their careers.

Lack of Business Support for Creative Entrepreneurs

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY is particularly aimed at communities in Ireland to stimulate their economic and social growth through creation of new jobs in creative micro-SMEs and SMEs.

Helping the Creative Sector to apply sustainable business practices will also encourage traditional businesses to expand their offerings towards the Creative Sector and further advance the economy.

Find out more about the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at CFCP, visit the site:

Creative Economy – a new opportunity for Economic Development

The creative economy is a globally significant growth sector with above average sectoral growth trends. Evidence also suggests that a prosperous creative sector leads to greater potential sustainability for the locality in which they are situated. The recent work of the Western Development Commission* has identified that the Creative Sector is potentially critical for sustainable growth in rural Ireland. It is forecasted the Sector could help to create 17,000 potential jobs in the Western region alone.

CEDRA** has recently stated the need for economic development strategies to include a specific focus on the development of the Creative Sector due to its high potential to support rural economic development in the future.

Creative Economy – a new opportunity for Creatives to make a living from their creative work

Creatives are missing the skills necessary to set up and run sustainable businesses, they don’t learn how to communicate with their customers and how to address their needs.

To utilise the economic and human potential of the Creative Sector an Ecosystem needs to be created that connects Creatives with society and benefits both.

Currently, there is no tailored entrepreneurial programme available to Creatives in Ireland. It is a Europe-wide cultural and structural problem that Creatives are trained to produce great work do but are not trained how to make their living. Missing the basic business skills makes Creatives depending on the state or private funding which is scarce and unsustainable.

Our Creative Entrepreneurship Academy gives people like you the tools allowing you to run your own creative business.

Creative Sector’s Economic Disadvantage

“The average (mean) income of professional ROI artists from their work as artists was under €15,000 in 2008, with 50% of artists earning €8,000 or less from their work as artists. When income from all sources (including social welfare) is taken into account, the average (mean) income for an ROI artist in 2008 was just over €25,000, with 50% of artists earning €19,832 or less.” – in: The Living and Working Conditions of Artists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, p.10 (there is no latest data in this field but it can be expected that due to the recession the average income from creative work went significantly down).

Customers and users for Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

• Creative Freelancers – both established and new to the market (includes Creatives of all disciplines, based on the last statistical data available by the Art Council there is over 98,000 individual Creatives in Ireland)

• Creative micro-SMEs and SMEs willing to expand or sustain or review their operations. Currently there is no data in Ireland on the number of Creative SMEs in the country

• Creative Organisations & Institutions wanting to expand, sustain or review the economic side of their operations

• Creative Students & Graduates looking to build strong careers in the Creative Sector

• Local Enterprise Offices looking to include Creatives in their areas in the available support programmes

• Rural Development Agencies – looking to include Creatives in their areas in the development strategy for their regions

Other beneficiaries:

• Rural Communities – experiencing growth and economic development thanks to creating Creative businesses, new jobs and employment

• The whole of Ireland – benefiting from economic growth, more fulfilled and sustainable Creatives, more equality between its regions

Find out more about the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy at CFCP, visit the site:

Creative Entrepreneurs Training

Creative Entrepreneurs Intensive Training Programme

3 - 5 February 2017

Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Early Bird Price €250 till 31 December 2016 then €300

You know that feeling? You want to develop your creative or artistic practice and give it some structure. But there is never enough time or resources to focus on the business side of your practice. On the other hand it drives you mad that it doesn’t work as it could and should. You are not making enough sales, not getting enough contracts or you simply do not know how to start to build a sustainable creative career.

We have been there ourselves and know exactly how frustrating it can be. All we can recommend to you is to STOP, take 2.5 days out and join us for our intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme.

You will spend this time working on the business side of your creative practice. Together with you we will (re)define where you are right now with your creative business and where you want to be. You will formulate goals and steps to take with the primary focus on your specific creative niche.


CFCP Online Courses For Creative Entrepreneurs

Building a Strategy For Your Creative Business

February 2017

The courses focuses on starting, growing and sustaining your creative business – planning the strategy for development, growth and the necessary steps you can take to build a sustainable career.  This all takes place in an inspiring, creative and relaxed online environment!

We will spend really exciting time together online between the 1 and 28 February 2017 working on our Creative Business Model Canvas – the visual alternative to the boring business plan which we have developed and based on the business model canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder and the Lean Business Canvas developed by Ash Maurya.

We will answer the 4 questions that every creative business needs to answer: Why – What – How – Who; We will look at your vision for the future and the value propositions that you are basing your creative business around but critically we will ask, who are you? why you do what you do, your motivation and much more…

The delivery will be online but what's different is that we will be there to work in partnership with all of the participants.  We will create outcomes together that we are both responsible for and we will be on-hand to help you via group and one-to-one online meetings, email support, webinars and mentoring. We will run the course over the 4 weeks with a group workshop once per week for 2 hours, a 1 hour group Hangout once per week for any group questions / feedback you might have and a 1 hour one-to-one online session with us each week.  So all in all you will get a minimum of 4 hours working with us per week plus a lot of videos, workbooks and assignments to complete each week that will really move your creative business forward.

The course works just was well for individuals as well as companies, however, because of the nature of the course we can only take 5 people at a time on the journey with us at this stage.  The price of the course will be €250 per person so if more than one person from your organisation would like to take part then you can.

We will also close the registration of interest on Friday, 20 January 2017 at 11.59pm GMT.

CFCP Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

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