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CFCP Grant Writing & Application Services

Getting the funding you need Get in touch

Focusing on getting you the funding you need to make a change in the World.

Check out the CFCP Grant & Application Services from consultation, scoping, evaluation and writing we can get you where you want to be.  We have been through the process, we have completed 100’s of applications of all sizes, both with successes and failures but we have learnt from each experience.

We know our way around all sizes of proposals from complex European projects  to small local funding applications.

We offer a 3 tiered pricing model based on the value of your proposal or the grant offer.  We have tried to make the pricing open and available to anyone, regardless of the size of the proposal.

The pricing is based on amount of the grant / application you are submitting.


Let us help you to get funded.


A 60min or 90min Skype call or a face-to-face meeting to discuss your application.

We look to see if your application fits the criteria of the call you are applying to, what are the steps you need to take, how to scope the project for the application and other funding applications you can apply to.

Talking through your idea, your pre application and looking at alternatives is one of the main ways in making your application a success.


We can go through your application prior to submission.

We offer a written evaluation of your application and also a 60 min Skype or face-to-face meeting where we can discuss any questions you might have in relation to our evaluation.

We have two turn around times for evaluations, 8 days is the standard service but we also offer an expedited 3 day service.

Getting someone to evaluate your application prior to submission makes all the difference between success and failure.


You want to make an application for funding or a project but you don’t know where to start.

Here in CFCP we offer a full grant and application writing service where we will write the application for you, with your help and give you key project milestones.

We have completed 100’s of applications of all sizes so we know our way around complex European projects applications to Local Grant applications.

Let us help you be successful.

What we can do

Let’s talk about the grant, suitability and your proposal
Talk about preparation, scoping, planning and proposal ideas
60min Skype or Face-to-face meeting

What we can do

Get experienced experts look over your submission prior to submitting it.
Let us at CFCP evaluate your submission.
We provide a written report and a Skype or Face-To-Face meeting.
We will make suggestions, improvements and give advice to help you.
We have a standard 8 day option or an expedited 3 day option as well.

What we can do

Not sure if you can write the application? Don’t feel confident of success?
Then let us do the writing for you.

As part of the service we look at :
criteria evaluation and requirements
First Skype or Face-to-Face meeting to scope project and proposal
Define a project timeline and project milestones for all parties
Regular scheduled updates
Draft submission supplied for feedback
Second Skype or Face-to-Face meeting to give through feedback
Final corrections phase and final application sent to you.

So contact us now to get a conversation going.

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Monika Sapielak
CEO/ Founder


Centre For Creative Practices
The Old Milking Parlour
Ballymurrin Lower

Sustainability in the Cultural & Creative Sector

We feel that a sustainable cultural and creative sector produces more good news stories, which in turn leads to increased engagement, greater public awareness of their importance and greater public funding. One of the ways we can achieve this is through education of creatives, professionals and organisations.

Innovation in the Cultural & Creative Sector

At CFCP we are always looking at innovative ways technology can improve the lives of Creatives and the Cultural & Creative sector. Our first project is a new an innovative online platform, ArtConnected, which will make collaboration, engagement and discovery a lot easier and enhance creative practices.

Leading Intercultural Creative Practices

The Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is the first intercultural Creative Organisation in Ireland and in Europe leading and shaping culturally diverse arts practice. CFCP is dedicated to integrating, promoting and mentoring migrant and local niche creatives. We also have access to and engage with a diverse range of minority ethnic and cultural communities.

Advocacy & Research

At CFCP we provide research backed data to help discover what a sustainable Cultural and Creative Sector needs.  The only way that we can advocate for change is to find out about the needs of all working in the CCI sector and make sure that the findings are put into practice.