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A Cultural Challenge | Divisions In Our Cities

Can culture help to unify our divided cities and it’s peoples?

Centre for Creative Practices presents
New Voices of Ireland Series 4

When – 14th Feb 2017 @ 7pm
Where – The Harbour Bar, upstairs, Bray
Admission - Free

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US for a participatory performance “A Midnight Court Sitting” by Maeve Collins and a poetry reading by Csilla Todly

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In 2016 we have asked artists to respond to the theme “DIVISIONS IN OUR CITIES” and reflect whether culture can help to unify our divided cities and its people?

The theme selection was based on the consultations carried out in Dublin in 2015 by the Dublin2020 team which CFCP was part of. The consultations took place in various locations in Dublin and included over 3,000 Dubliners.

One of the main problems Dubliners would welcome to see tackled and resolved is the fact that Dublin is as a divided city. Dublin is divided geographically in North vs. South which further connects to the socio-economical division, gender divisions as well as ethnic and various levels of dis/ability divisions.

The political events from this year starting from the controversy around the possible Grexit and cumulating with the Brexit have further shown that growing divisions are a very real problem affecting the whole of Europe.

Cultural Challenges

What are the cultural challenges that we face and how can we address them?

The Divided City

How can we break down the barriers, how can we rejoin the divisions?

The Role of Culture in Urban Societies

What does culture provide and how can we use culture as an urban stimulus?

The City and it's peoples

Who inhabits our cities and how can we engage them?

How To Get Involved

The multidisciplinary, intercultural New Voices of Ireland Series is run as a group show in the centre of Dublin every September with its main events happening during Culture Night and with some individual events scheduled for later in the year.

As usual participating artists were selected through an open call. We have received over 40 submissions and selected 11 projects to take part in the 2016 New Voices of Ireland Series.

The programme encompasses a broad and engaging mix of participatory workshops, concerts, visual arts, installations and includes even a drop in radio station that will capture and broadcast on the go the views of both our audiences and the participating artists.


11 artists / groups present their works as part of the New Voices of Ireland Series 4. Get to see the exhibition for the series in the Dublin Institute of Design. 


Get involved in the online discussion where we ask, can culture help to unify our divided cities and it’s peoples? We’d love to hear your point of view.


We have a selection of videos / presentations regarding divided cities, performances from Culture night and interviews with the participants. 

Listen to The New Voices of Ireland of Series Radio

Room 101 did a drop in radio station over Culture Night for the New Voices of Ireland Series.
Click the image opposite and have a listen

Listen to Part 1 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Julie Griffith,
Monika Sapielak,;
and Ian Oliver,;

Listen to Part 2 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Rita Gibson,
Seanie Vaughan,
Shane Connolly
and Skipper’s Alley LIVE,

Listen to Part 3 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Ultan O’Brien (Skipper’s Alley),
Tammy Bradley,
Tadgh O’Ciardha Vocal Improvisation,
Joe Ryan,
and Seanie Vaughan Band LIVE,

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We Would Like to Thank

Our great partner Dublin Institute of Design, headed by its new Head of Design, Danielle Townsend has again provided us with their amazing venue in 45 Kildare Street. As many of you will remember from last year, the Institute is everything but a standard venue for a show. The maze of its rooms spread over three floors just adds an extra touch to the diverse and engaging experience of the New Voices of Ireland Series 2016. We love this new home and are really grateful to DID’s for their generous support!!!

We are delighted that the New Voices of Ireland Series have been noted in other EU countries as a great example of intercultural collaboration and exchange and that we were invited to present it at the Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent in Bratislava in Sep 2016 organised as a flagship event during the Slovak presidency in the European Commission.

Thank you to the Arts Council for their kind support, thank you to all participating artists and of course a great tank you to our host – Dublin Institute of Design!

We trust that with the continued support of the Arts Council and our other partners we would be able to further contribute to make Ireland a leading example of a tolerant, open and creative society that knows how to effectively integrate and utilise the human potential brought by migrants. This is a very real challenge and a great opportunity if tackled in the right way.

Dublin Institute of Desgin