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“Belfast, a love story”

Leo Boyd

Since moving to Belfast from Dublin 5 years ago Boyd’s work has been an exploration of this city as seen by an outsider, albeit as an outsider with an over active imagination.

For a city of such a small size, Belfast is full of urban mythology. It is a city of decaying grandeur and new development where the skyline is framed in builders’ cranes. It is a city of divisions, of flags and peace walls, a city haunted by its past as it searches for a new narrative to frame its future.

‘The Belfast that Time Forgot’ is a series of poster sized screen prints that tell the story of Belfast through the day-glo lens of b-movie posters, 8-bit computer games and soviet propaganda.

‘The Death of Orpheus and Other Myths’ explores the demolition of the Orpheus Building (a famous building in the history of the city) through a mythological lens.

Boyd uses elements of fantasy and mythology along with a healthy dose of humour and political satire, to tell a story of Belfast, which whilst managing to bridge the sectarian divide does not shy from difficult questions.


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Valentines Edition – New Voices of Ireland 4

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