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Mind the Gap

Tammy Bradley

This piece is designed to be a silver brooch, in its self a contradiction of what would be considered high end jewellery and its theme is reflected in the medium and craft involved in its making.

The simple idea behind the design is the fact the artist is from and lives in a disadvantaged area of Dublin, Finglas, represented by the 11 on the Dublin street sign, yet works as an artist and goldsmith. These are not usual career routes for someone from a disadvantaged background and the artist sometimes feels very much at odds with her profession as what she creates can be seen as frivolous or extravagant. When you are raised to find a secure job and know the value of every penny you earn, making art and jewellery are very much luxuries, they can seem decadent and unnecessary. I Bradley sometimes creates things that she could not afford and occasionally feels she lives in a different world to the clients that buy her work.

Across Dublin attitudes may be different regarding what art is and what value it holds but there is no divide in the need for it. While someone from a more affluent part of the city may be put through art collage and have their pieces hang in galleries for potential buyers and recognition, a young artist from a disadvantaged area may not have the financial support or knowledge to do either, they may have no choice but to get a job doing what they can to get by and creating art is just a dream, they try to find an outlet where ever they can, their hair, their clothes, the walls around them. People who come from a place where they have the option to follow their dream may not understand this, they consider it vandalism, to the person doing this it may be the only way they know to express themselves, to create, to leave their mark, it is their art.

The street sign on the top right of the brooch reads “mind the gap” this is in reference to the gap in opportunities, opinions, advantages, outlooks and life experiences between the people in various areas of the same city and how every one should be mindful and understanding of each others realities and needs. The Irish translation on the sign reads “Seachain an bhearna” which literally translates to “Avoid the gap”.

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