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The Bloom Mystery

Csilla Toldy

Csilla Toldy is a poet and film maker.

Originally from Hungary, she has lived in Northern Ireland, in Rostrevor for the past 18 years.

In 2007 Csilla wrote an article for Fortnight Magazine Belfast with the title “From Budapest to Belfast: The Hiberno-Hungarian Connection”. For this work she researched those said connections in the political and literature history of Ireland. Her search took her to James Joyce, who emigrated to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Bloom, whose origins in the novel go back to Hungary. She made a short, 30 minute documentary about these fictional origins, shot simultaneously in Dublin and Szombathely (Leopold Bloom’s birth place) on Bloomsday 2007. The film was screened at the 39th Hungarian Film Festival and in Szombathely in Hungary, later in Montreal, also in Belfast, but not yet in Dublin!

Toldy will give a poetry reading titled “The Emigrant Woman’s Tale” combined with the screening of the documentary: The Bloom Mystery.

Valentines Edition – Csilla Toldy – “The Emigrant Woman’s Tale” – a poetry reading combined with the screening of the documentary:

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