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New Voices of Ireland Series 5

For 2017 the 5th edition of the New Voices of Ireland Series. Our selected theme for 2017 New Voices of Ireland is: “MIGRATION – FROM BURDENS TO OPPORTUNITIES”. Find out more from the series.

For Migrant, Experimental & Emerging Artists

Giving visibility & building sustainability

Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

Welcome aboard!

Want to know what the Creative & Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy is all about and how you can get involved?

Why We Do It

The Centre for Creative Practices, CFCP, founded in September 2009, is DEDICATED to DEVELOPING SUSTAINABILITY in the CULTURAL & CREATIVE SECTOR.  We look at the increased benefits of a vibrant sustainable Cultural & Creative sector to society and the economy.

Change is something we in the Cultural & Creative sector do not do well. When I say change I am talking about the adoption of business change not creative change as we are still the leading sector in that respect.  No, treating art like a business is almost considered a taboo, although we hold up as some form of Demi gods those who have achieved commercial success, one thinks of the likes of U2, Pierce Brosnan, Graham Knuttle, The Pogues, Jim Sheridan etc and yet when asked to reach those or similar heights themselves most will reply that they feel as if they would be giving away their art, their creativity, their very soul.


But, “Art & Creativity Cannot exist in a vacuum”


How can we change this? Well there does seem to be a small shift in recent years, a number of national and International funding organisations have taken a lead role in the promotion of professional development initiatives offering workshops and mentoring in topics as diverse as taxation, marketing, contracts and fundraising but the problem is that there is no overriding structure just diverse topics covered in a diverse manner.  What we need is a concentrated development programme that outlines the aims, goals and outcomes of the scheme without taking away the core values of the individual participant bi not compromising their creativity or art but enhancing it, giving it greater impact.

The Need to Develop a Creative Business Model

The core issue at stake is to identify and design adequate tools enabling students and graduates of creative disciplines to successfully develop their business ideas.

One of the critical tools missing at present in creative education is a business planning model that reflects the specifics of the creative sector. Lets explore this more.

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Need Help With Your Creative Business?

Are a freelancer or SME working in the creative sector?  Do you need help with building a strategy for your business? Have you tried to write a business plan but failed? Then I'd like introduce you to our new Creative Entrepreneurship course on Building a Strategy for...

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Getting in the Christmas spirit at CFCP

We’d like to wish you a Happy Christmas from all at CFCP.

Thanks to your help and support over the last 6 1/2 years we have managed to engage with over 1500 creatives, 750 organisations and 16,000 audience members, run over 800 events and provided training / mentoring and strategy consulting to over 1000 individuals and organisations.

And as such we’d like to give you a little present to say thank you, because without your support none of this would have been possible.

Earlier this month we held our final intensive training programme of the year in Ashford and it amazes us every time the enthusiasm, engagement and clarity the programme generates with participants, who even after the long and demanding weekend come out inspired and ready to embrace their creative dreams.

This year we have held training programmes in Dublin, Wicklow, Shannon, Dun Laoghaire as well as travelling throughout Europe with it to work with festivals and conferences in UK, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Denmark and Hungary.

We have been invited to give presentations by the European Commission, the Slovak Government, Intertrade Ireland and fine art and music departments in the University of Pécs, DIT, University of the Basque Country and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn.

In November we were invited to represent Ireland at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen to showcase ArtConnected our online platform that matches Creative Talent with Opportunities.

We have been asked to participate in discussions to help form governmental policy and also European policy on Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship. We have worked with a number of Local Enterprise Offices throughout Ireland such as our good friends in Wicklow, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire & Rathdown, Clare, Leitrim and Donegal as well as with the South Eastern Creative Corridor Project and the Shannon Venue development project.

We are working closely wth a number of institutions on including creative entrepreneurship into higher and further educational teaching of creative disciplines; building the Creative Entrepreneurs Academy; developing Irelands first incubator and accelerator programme dedicated to the creative industries and working on a new and updated model of the Business Model Canvas that is specific for the creative sector.

We have met some incredible people doing some incredible things and hopefully the work we have done with them on the entrepreneurial side of their creative business will give them the living conditions they are looking for. We have also worked with educational institutions on helping graduates and post graduates to look at building sustainable careers through working in the creative sector.

And finally we have spent more time on airplanes going in odd directions than we can both remember for a long time, like having breakfast in Bratislava, lunch in Madrid and Dinner in Dublin or arriving in Pécs at 4.30am having travelled through the night from Copenhagen to give a presentation that same day!!

A busy and exciting 2017 awaits us all in CFCP, one that we are looking forward to and on continuing the journey we have been on so far.

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Is The Illusion of Limited Resources Holding You Back?

So, next time you find yourself facing some kind of limitation, just know that it is an illusion and ask yourself, “Who has the resources I need and how can I access those resources from them?”

Just asking yourself this question will force your mind to think in a totally new way and come up with a creative solution.

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Monika Sapielak
CEO/ Founder


Centre For Creative Practices
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Sustainability in the Cultural & Creative Sector

We feel that a sustainable cultural and creative sector produces more good news stories, which in turn leads to increased engagement, greater public awareness of their importance and greater public funding. One of the ways we can achieve this is through education of creatives, professionals and organisations.

Innovation in the Cultural & Creative Sector

At CFCP we are always looking at innovative ways technology can improve the lives of Creatives and the Cultural & Creative sector. Our first project is a new an innovative online platform, ArtConnected, which will make collaboration, engagement and discovery a lot easier and enhance creative practices.

Leading Intercultural Creative Practices

The Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is the first intercultural Creative Organisation in Ireland and in Europe leading and shaping culturally diverse arts practice. CFCP is dedicated to integrating, promoting and mentoring migrant and local niche creatives. We also have access to and engage with a diverse range of minority ethnic and cultural communities.

Advocacy & Research

At CFCP we provide research backed data to help discover what a sustainable Cultural and Creative Sector needs.  The only way that we can advocate for change is to find out about the needs of all working in the CCI sector and make sure that the findings are put into practice.