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For the 8th edition of the New Voices of Ireland Series entitled MIGRANT ARTISTS – OPEN STUDIOS, the Centre for Creative Practices is inviting expression of interest from migrant, culturally diverse and local artists who work with migrants and other marginalised individuals and communities.

In response to the COVID19 restrictions, MIGRANT ARTISTS – OPEN STUDIOS will have the format of a Series of an online event.

The aim of the New Voices of Ireland Series is presenting migrant artists to the wider online community, tell about their artistic practices, new and previous works, plans and about themselves – their lives in Ireland and their artistic and personal roots.

The voices of migrants, the main agents of cultural diversity and collaboration are rarely heard, and in these challenging times, there is a danger that they will be completely marginalised. Hence, the focus of this year’s New Voices Series MIGRANT ARTISTS – OPEN STUDIOS on visibility and dialogue.


We invite expression of interest by artists of all disciplines who want to explore each other artistic path, work and thoughts. We want to hear where they come from as artists and humans and where they are going. We want to hear about their work, dreams, struggles and victories, about what they can well and what they need, where they win and where are they challenged.

We also invite theoretical exchange between migrant artists about their art, cultures, identity and position between societies.

Through the New Voices of Ireland Series 8, we want to provide a platform for both physical and conceptual communication between migrant and local artists, their communities and their artworks created through observation and artistic exploration of their OPEN STUDIOS.

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Between 10 and 20 artists will be selected to collaborate (online or physically) in tandems and prepare two 15 – 30 min YouTube live or Zoom interviews/conversations about each other’s work. (15 – 30 min per artist)

Participating artists will be asked to share their stories, discuss their artistic concepts, methods, techniques or topics, their plans for the future, ideas, inspirations, challenges, comment on each other work, ask questions. If possible, a visit to each other studios would be welcome, but it is not a requirement.

Each conversation will be streamed live as well as recorded and made available on

Each selected artists will receive a fee of €500.00 for their participation in the project.



 11 October 2020


Expression of interest deadline


Week of 19 October 2020


Selection results published


Artists invited to take part in the programme


20 – 24 October


Accepting of the offer,
signing the contracts


Selected artists will be required to officially accept the offer and sign a basic contract clarifying the T&C of the appointment.


Monday 26 October 4pm – 6pm


Zoom workshop for invited artists


In this Zoom session, CFCP staff will connect with the participating artists to discuss the format and the details of the interviews.


Tuesday 10 November 2020


Start of the weekly live Zoom interviews (Tue and Thu, 7 pm)


30 min long live Zoom conversations where one artist is interviewing, presenting and contextualising the work of their tandem partner.


Monday 7 Dec 4 pm – 6 pm


Wrap up Zoom event for all participants


.Final Zoom meeting with participating artists to feedback on the Series and wrap up the event.




Expression of interest via email to, Subject: New Voices of Ireland Series 8.

Please apply with a short artist biog and a statement (one page) outlining what would you like to share about your work, practice (artforms, topics), life and your views and how you would contribute to presenting your counterpart artists. Other supporting materials are welcome (max 3 pages).


The New Voices of Ireland Series is a flagship project of integrative, cultural practice between migrant and local artists as well as audiences curated and presented by the Centre for Creative Practices.

The New Voices of Ireland Series aims to:

  • Connect creative talent from new communities and various social groups from all over Ireland
  • Give migrant and culturally diverse artists an opportunity to share their work and talent with a wide local and international audience
  • Engage artists to express their views on social challenges and the role of culture in modern society through artistic practice
riding the giants Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

The New Voices of Ireland Series is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Queries: If you have any questions, please contact or call 086-6084020         

Alpha Eosin Red Ink on Vinyl Co polymer 2.2 x 2.2 cm 2015 M Geddis Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity
Alpha Graphite Ink on Vinyl Co polymer 2.2 x 2.2 cm 2015 M Geddis Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity
Bare Life 260cms x 260cms Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

I am a French filmmaker and I worked with the Center for Creative Practices through the “New Voices” programs, featuring the work of international artists based in Dublin. The CFCP is a great place where you can discover, in a very intimate atmosphere, great artists and great stories. My overall experience with the staff and the program was very nice, I totally support the CFCP.

Wissame Cherfi

Filmmaker, New Voices of Ireland - April 2014

As an emerging artist the new voices series provided me the opportunity to showcase my first solo show and supported me just at the transition from student to practicing artist. The staff at the Centre for Creative Practices were fantastic, so helpful, welcoming and enthusiastic, always on the go setting up the next show, (be it visual or musical) yet despite their dedication to work and tight schedule the staff treat anyone who walk through the door as a good friend and take the time to welcome them wholeheartedly. Having such a mix of audience, like the one at CCP is a really uplifting experience.

Pamela Byrne

Artist, New Voices of Ireland - May 2014

The New Voices of Ireland Series by year.

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