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From January till June 2013 Ireland will take over the Presidency in the EU. The Presidency will aim to tackle the economic crises in Europe but also the topic of Multiculturalism and Integration will be high on the agenda. CFCP takes a look at the views of migrant artists, both those who have migrated to and emigrated from Ireland in recent times and asks them how it changed their perspectives and how it has shaped their art. We have selected 12 artists to present their works within the series. Every month from January till June two artist will take over our space for one week and present their works as exhibitions, concerts, performances, screenings, mime show and installations. You will also get a chance to meet each artist in a “Making of” Q/A session.

The series as a whole will look at the questions, is Ireland a country of plural mono-cultures or is there a sense of multiculturalism, community cohesion or interculturalism? How do the minorities view the majority in the host country and vice-versa?

Kirsti Kotilainen (Finland) | Nina Panagopoulou (Greece) | Deepa Mann-Kler (India) | Treasa O’Brien (Ireland) | Jarek Dobrzanski (Poland) | Talie Mau (Germany) | La Cosa Preziosa (Italy) | Magdolna Toth (Hungary) | Liadain Speranza (Ireland) | Karin Wimmer (Germany) | Svetlana Sobcenco (Lithuania) | Britta Sandqvist (Sweden)

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Centre for Creative Practices, is the home and catalyst for immigrant, experimental and emerging artists in Ireland. We provide a Creative, Supportive and Inclusive multidisciplinary space to integrate different societies through arts and culture.

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