Creative Entrepreneurship

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“In the pursuit of increased resources, too much attention is being paid by policymakers to the social benefit and economic significance of the arts.  A ‘Back to Basics’ approach in this sector requires the assertion of the primacy of aesthetics.”

“Doing business with you” CFCP

“There are two main approaches that determine the role of the arts and position it
within society. Both the way the arts are being produced and presented to their
audiences depends on these primer suppositions.”


Cultural Diversity

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“It’s about setting things in motion” Art Polonia

“Polish artists in Ireland in the context of globalisation and internationalisation. Moving to
a new country and living in a different environment and its impact on Polish artists.”

“We understand cultural diversity as a responsibility, opportunity or
challenge to contemporary cultural practice in Europe.”

“Both in the European Union and Ireland a lot of work has been put into building up communities and discussions with migrant organisations as well as adopting the Intercultural Cities charter, but is it succeeding?” 

“The reality on the cusp of the millennium is a fractured global order which…puts most of the world’s people in contact with one another, but simultaneously maintains deep fissures between different countries and peoples within countries.”

“International Creative Entrepreneurship”