Facilitating Intercultural Collaboration


The Centre for Creative Practices runs four annual flagship programmes that promote and support the work and professional development of migrant and culturally diverse artists in Ireland.

Our programmes are also designed to stimulate and facilitate intercultural collaboration between migrant and culturally diverse artists and the Irish artistic community. We support artists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.





January 2019 – Call for Submissions

End February 2019 – Submission Deadline

March 2019 – Selection progress

End March 2019 – Announcement of Participating Artists

May – August 2019 – Workshops and Mentoring Sessions

Culture Night, September 2019 – Final ShowCase

New Voices of Ireland Series

The annual New Voices of Ireland Series is the CFCP’s flagship project of integrative arts practice. Organised between May and September each year, it is a series of multi-disciplinary, intercultural and participatory events and workshops aimed at facilitating meaningful collaboration between migrant and local artists in Ireland.

The New Voices of Ireland Series connects creative talent from communities and social groups from all over Ireland, enabling them to come together as a creative, active voice in the pressing social debates that are most relevant to society today.


Each year, CFCP and a panel of creative practitioners select a challenging and socially relevant topic as the theme for the New Voices of Ireland Series.


The highlight of the New Voices of Ireland Series is a presentation on Culture Night 2019, with a series of multi-disciplinary and participatory events including exhibitions, concerts, performances, happenings, workshops, readings and talks. Since 2013, we have received more than 400 submissions, and over 55 artists – representing all art forms – have been selected to take part in the New Voices of Ireland Series. The very high artistic quality of the projects developed through the Series can be seen in the Catalogues which are published each year.


Organised between May and September each year, it is a series of multi-disciplinary, intercultural and participatory events and workshops aimed at facilitating meaningful collaboration between migrant and local artists in Ireland.

An open call for submissions invites artists to submit their proposals for the Series. Up to 10 selected artists will get the opportunity to take part in a paid, multi-disciplinary and intercultural programme in various locations in Ireland.




There will be an Open Call for Submissions which will be published in early 2019. An independent panel of artists and curators will select up to 10 migrant and culturally diverse artists to participate in the 2019 Series. The selected artists will get to participate in 2 workshops next summer, which will enable them to discuss and develop their project as well as build strong working relationships with each other.

Artists who take part in the Series will also have access to a dedicated mentoring programme, involving one-to-one and group sessions.

The New Voices of Ireland Series is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

I am a French filmmaker and I worked with the Center for Creative Practices through the “New Voices” programs, featuring the work of international artists based in Dublin. The CFCP is a great place where you can discover, in a very intimate atmosphere, great artists and great stories. My overall experience with the staff and the program was very nice, I totally support the CFCP.

Wissame Cherfi

Filmmaker, New Voices of Ireland - April 2014

As an emerging artist the new voices series provided me the opportunity to showcase my first solo show and supported me just at the transition from student to practicing artist. The staff at the Centre for Creative Practices were fantastic, so helpful, welcoming and enthusiastic, always on the go setting up the next show, (be it visual or musical) yet despite their dedication to work and tight schedule the staff treat anyone who walk through the door as a good friend and take the time to welcome them wholeheartedly. Having such a mix of audience, like the one at CCP is a really uplifting experience.

Pamela Byrne

Artist, New Voices of Ireland - May 2014

The New Voices of Ireland Series by year.

Click on a link below to access a catalogue.

“Migration – From Burdens to Opportunities”

“Divisions in our Cities – How Can Culture Help To Overcome These Divisions?”

“Beyond The Obvious, Beyond The Familiar – From Producing Things To Nurturing The Social Capital”

“Hybridisation and Blending of Social Identities”

“Migrant Artists On Ireland”