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One to One Mentoring



Since 2012, CFCP has been successfully offering one-to-one mentoring sessions for creatives facing different questions and problems at various stages of their creative career. We also run team mentoring sessions for organisations and project teams.

The purpose of our mentoring programme is to build awareness and to remove the excuses preventing you or your organisation/business from realising your full potential. Effective mentoring helps you to replace those excuses and limiting beliefs with an actionable, realistic and empowering plan that will help you to realise your dreams and boost your self-confidence.

Our Mentoring provides EXPERIENCED, INDEPENDENT and PRACTICAL support in an affordable and convenient way. We will help you to find tailored solutions that will work best for particular creative projects or businesses, allowing you to progress creatively in a more focused manner. 

Contact us directly if you are looking for a mentoring session for your team at

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Introduction to Mentoring 


CFCP runs a half-day Introduction to Mentoring workshop, aimed at organisations that who wish to run their own peer-to-peer mentoring programmes. This workshop is aimed at both aspiring mentors and mentees. The workshop explores themes such as fundamental mentoring principles, different mentoring models and help organisations to define and achieve mentoring goals.

Some of our clients require that mentors or mentees within their organisation take part in this workshop before benefiting from a mentoring bursary or being contracted to be a mentor.

The workshop is facilitated by Monika Sapielak from the Centre for Creative Practices.





Peer to Peer Mentoring


Have you ever thought about sharing your skills as a mentor, or do you think you would benefit from having a mentor?

In 2019, CFCP will be running a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Pilot Project for 5 migrant/culturally diverse artists and 5 local Irish artists. The geographical focus is the South-East of Ireland, encompassing counties Wicklow, Carlow, Wexford, Waterford, Tipperary and Kilkenny.

A mentor is someone who can help to develop artistic practice, provide objective feedback on an artist’s work, or help to work through a specific idea, no matter what stage of their career the artist may be at. Mentoring can be very broad, relating to both short and long-term goals, growing a professional network, working internationally or expanding business and marketing skills.

Supported by the Arts Council, mentors accepted onto the CFCP’s Intercultural Mentoring Programme will be rewarded with €100 per session with a mentee, (2 hours on average). Both the mentor and mentee will be obliged to complete a Mentorship Meeting Report when the programme is completed.

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