about Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

What is the Centre for Creative Practices?

The Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is dedicated to supporting and developing migrant and culturally diverse artists and intercultural arts practices in Ireland.

CFCP is widely acknowledged as a champion facilitator of intercultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory artistic practices. We believe we can be a potent catalyst for positive intercultural collaborations and a pro-active innovator and pioneer in creative entrepreneurship training, providing artists with the professional skills necessary to build sustainable careers.

CFCP is an award-winning, artistic and cultural, not-for-profit organisation fully committed to the values of diversity, tolerance, inclusivity and respect.

How do we support migrant artists?

The CFCP tailors its programme, resources, training and support services for the needs of

  • Migrant and culturally diverse artists , including artists from any type of minority groups and LGBT+
  • Cultural organisations and projects led by migrants and culturally diverse artists
  • Local artists and cultural operators looking to collaborate and showcase the new, intercultural talent

The CFCP also regularly collaborates with:

Local, national and international cultural organisations supporting  migrant and culturally diverse artists and promoting  creative entrepreneurship.

Local, national and international organisations and businesses outside of the creative sector interested in engaging with migrant and culturally diverse artists and supporting and creative entrepreneurship.