Promoting the professional development of migrant and culturally diverse artists in Ireland

New Voices of Ireland Series

The annual New Voices of Ireland Series is a series of paid, multi-disciplinary and intercultural workshops and participatory events aimed at facilitating meaningful collaboration between migrant and local artists in Ireland.

Organised between May and September each year, the aim of the New Voices of Ireland Series is to help culturally diverse artists and local artists to become a unified, creative voice in the social debates about the dominant issues affecting society.

The highlight of the New Voices of Ireland Series is a presentation on Culture Night 2019, in a series of multidisciplinary and participatory events including exhibitions, concerts, performances, happenings, workshops, readings and talks.


The CFCP will soon announce a challenging and socially relevant topic as the theme for the 2019 Series. Previous themes include Migration – from Burdens to Opportunities and the Hybridisation of Social Identities and New Blends.

There will be an Open Call for Submissions in early 2019. An independent panel of artists and curators will select up to 10 migrant and culturally diverse artists to participate in the 2019 Series. The selected artists will get to participate in 2 workshops next summer, which will enable them to discuss and develop their project as well as build strong working relationships with each other. Artists who take part in the Series will also have access to a dedicated mentoring programme, involving one-to-one and group sessions.

Artists Gallery

Over 100 artists representing all art forms have taken part in the programme since its inception in 2013. Visit the Artists Gallery to view some of the exceptionally high quality projects that have been developed through the series.

You can also download the New Voices of Ireland catalogues that are produced each year. (link to page with downloadable pdfs of catalogues)

The New Voices of Ireland Series is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.


January 2019 – Call for Submissions

End February 2019 – Submission Deadline

March 2019 – Selection progress

End March 2019 – Announcement of Participating Artists

May – August 2019 – Workshops and Mentoring Sessions

Culture Night, September 2019 – Final ShowCase