2017 – “Migration – From Burdens to Opportunities”

EL PUTNAM – an interactive installation and performance “Blood – Soil.

ELEANOR LAWLER – investigating a history woven by and through its people.

MARK LAWLOR – “Traffic” visual arts featuring 1,300 pairs of shoes made of cardboard and maps.

MIRJANA RENEDUZIC – a performative bilingual piece about a migrant artist.

OLGA DZIUBAK – an audio-visual installation about “How love overcomes borders”.

KIERA O’TOOLE – an interactive happening on the topic insider/outsider.

CSILLA TOLDY – engaging audiences in the Erasure technique for creating poetry.

CFCP CultureNight HighRes 059 Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

2016 – “Divisions On Our Cities – How Can Culture Help to Overcome These Divisions”

CFCP Ashord Day2 24 El 1 Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity
JULIE GRIFFITHS – “Fold and Rise”, participatory, multi-disciplinary workshop.

GIANNA TASHA TOMASSO – “The Network Landscapes”, a large scale installation which uses video, sound and projection mapping.

TAMMY BRADLEY – “Mind the gap”, jewellery, graphics, drawings,

JOE RYAN“bare life” – mono prints.

LEO BOYD“Belfast, a love story – prints.

BEATA MARIA KMAK – “The Family Orchestra”, interactive, intercultural music workshop.

ULTAN O’BRIEN & HIS BAND“Lifting the Door’s Latch” – live concert.

SEANIE VAUGHAN “Unmissable & redemption” – live performace.

MEAVE COLLINS – “A Midnight Court Sitting”.

CSILLA TOLDY – “The Emigrant Woman’s Tale”.

ROOM 101 RADIO FROM CORK – Live radio programme & podcast by John Adams & Alex Skrzypczak.

2015 – “Beyond the Obvious, Beyond the Familiar – From Producing Things to Nurturing the Social Capital”

AMANDA JANE GRAHAM“Warriors one in Three”.

CHELSEA CANAVAN“Interactions with Technology”.

DR KATHERINE NOLAN“For Fight the Rising”, “Empathy with the Flesh” & “Today’s Public Secret is That Everybody Is Anxious”.

LEANNE MCLAUGHLIN – “We are all blown-in”.

SARAH BRACKEN“Letterbox Dublin”.



JUSTYNA GRUSZCZYK – “ A Special Olfactory Composition”.


DORONE PARIS“For Utopia”, a composition & performance, performace.

LA COSA PRECIOSA & RACHEL NI CHUINN – “Mean Time”, live performed sound-scape.

Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity