Leadership for Cultural Leaders, Activists and Cultural Project Managers

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Leadership Training for Creatives


Leadership Training is an area that is traditionally associated with corporations, businesses and executive development. At CFCP, we dare to think that we are some of the first to realise how important it is for creatives to understand the principles of leadership too. SMEs owners, and cultural project managers regularly oversee multiple tasks involving LEADING YOURSELF, LEADING OTHERS and LEADING TEAMS. This 1-day introduction to leadership training is uniquely designed to help creatives develop the leadership qualities that are essential for their projects and their organisation’s success.

Using a wide range of engaging and practical tools including role-playing, assessment techniques, evaluation and feedback methodologies, participants will learn how to develop their unique, effective leadership style that will help them to fulfil their potential and achieve maximum impact.

Providing this practical, results-oriented and engaging training we aim to improve the impact, success and sustainability of initiatives, projects and organisations led by cultural and artistic professionals.