CFCP BlueFire 96 Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

Grant Writing Workshop

Many creatives and professionals working in the not-for-profit sector wonder how to get grants for their projects or organisation. At first, the process may seem confusing and frustrating. However, once you learn the basics of developing a winning grant proposal, it is actually very logical.

CFCP have developed this course, to give artists and creative professionals who are new to grant writing a comprehensive introduction to the field. Our aim is to set you on the right track, and help you steer clear of the most common grant proposal pitfalls.

We will start by explaining how to target your proposal to the funder to which you are applying, as sending one proposal to a long list of funders does not work!

During the course, we will concentrate on the eight categories of information each grant proposal generally contain:

  • Summary

  • Introduction to the Applicant

  • Description of the Project/Problem

  • Outcomes

  • Project/Program Details

  • Evaluation Plan

  • Sustained Impact

  • Dissemination of the results

  • Budget

This should give you a competitive edge while writing grant proposals for your project or organisation. This structure will also help you to write an investment pitch or a proposal when no specific guidance is provided.

Our entire training programme is based on hands-on exercises, interactive discussions and peer-to-peer interaction that makes it effective, lively and fun, and also helps you to retain knowledge you will have acquired.