We Change
Creatives’ Lives

By giving you the opportunity to turn your passions into your profession.  We provide the relevant knowledge, tools, resources and services that allow you to achieve your goals.

The Centre for Creative Practices, CFCP, founded in September 2009, is DEDICATED to DEVELOPING SUSTAINABILITY in the CULTURAL & CREATIVE SECTOR. 

We look at the increased benefits of a vibrant sustainable Cultural & Creative sector to society and the economy. A sustainable and vibrant sector produces more jobs, increased engagement, greater public awareness of their importance and greater public funding.

What we do


Looking to work on specific elements of your business? Need to help in designing your business strategy, marketing plan, customer experience or just need that helping hand? Then give CFCP a call and we can work on your business with you.


Would you like to talk to someone? Then schedule a mentoring session.  If you are serious about moving your creative career to the next level, then talk to us.

Grant Writing and Review

Do you need help with your grant applications? Do you want someone to read, evaluate and appraise your application but you don’t know where to start? We can help you.

Workshops and Courses

Looking for help, looking to work with a group or want to get insights from other creatives then the series of workshops and courses that we run in CFCP are just for you.

Our Thoughts & Comments

The Role of Entrepreneurship in the Arts

We need a new model, one that put the artists role and ability to make a living wage at the forefront of the arts. How do we get from where we are at the moment, to one where artists are making a living wage? But more importantly why is this important?

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How do we create change and make change happen again and again

What we are going to be looking at is the metrics, so what we can Measure | the Results we are expecting to see | how we can Modify the programme to get better results or even in some cases get results | and finally Review the process, can it be implemented again and again – do we expect the same results and why?

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Monika Sapielak
CEO/ Founder


The Old Milking Parlour
Ballymurrin Lower

Sustainability in the Cultural & Creative Sector

We feel that a sustainable cultural and creative sector produces more good news stories, which in turn leads to increased engagement, greater public awareness of their importance and greater public funding. One of the ways we can achieve this is through education of creatives, professionals and organisations.

Innovation in the Cultural & Creative Sector

At CFCP we are always looking at innovative ways technology can improve the lives of Creatives and the Cultural & Creative sector. Our first project is a new an innovative online platform, ArtConnected, which will make collaboration, engagement and discovery a lot easier and enhance creative practices.

Leading Intercultural Creative Practices

The Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is the first intercultural Creative Organisation in Ireland and in Europe leading and shaping culturally diverse arts practice. CFCP is dedicated to integrating, promoting and mentoring migrant and local niche creatives. We also have access to and engage with a diverse range of minority ethnic and cultural communities.

Advocacy & Research

At CFCP we provide research backed data to help discover what a sustainable Cultural and Creative Sector needs.  The only way that we can advocate for change is to find out about the needs of all working in the CCI sector and make sure that the findings are put into practice.