The Economic Contribution of Arts & Culture

A CFCP Online Debate – 20 – 24 July 2015

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CFCP SWITCH – TELLING your story – making it MAGIC

At the moment we’ve covered 3 of the 6 components in the CFCP SWITCH System. We’ve looked at how it is critical to know who you are in Defining yourSELF, building a plan around who you are and why you do it to achieve your goals and outcomes in Finding the... read more

CFCP SWITCH – Getting your crowd INVOLVED

So today I want to look at getting your crowd involved. Basically what we are trying to do is to take the WAY that we looked at last time and identify exactly who it is you are trying to get involved, what they look like, who they are, where they meet etc. – So... read more

Platform 1 – Hints & Tips for Artistic Entrepreneurs

As part of our artistic entrepreneurship programme we have introduced Platform 1, where we will post a snippet of information that we think might be of interest to you and to us. Why Platform 1, well every journey has to start somewhere and every station has a platform 1, our departure point.

Please feel free to comment, share, post your own suggestions or snippets as together we can build a repository of information that can benefit everyone on the journey.

For more hints & tips see:

CFCP Videos

Each Tuesday at 4pm we hold an artistic entrepreneurship webinar.  These videos are recordings of the webinars plus other videos we have done in relation to artistic entrepreneurship.

Please feel free to comment, share, post your own videos and together we can build a visual repository of information that can benefit everyone on the journey. For more details on our webinars see:


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Empowering the Arts in Ireland

Ever find yourself:

  • struggling with your strategy
  • forming a clear mission for your organisation
  • need help with your funding applications
  • want some input into your artistic programming
  • need to put together a budget,
  • have problems with the governance or the legal structure
  • have a project you need help with
  • struggling to find your Why
  • want to talk to someone who knows the arts sector?
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Turn Yourself On, Flick the SWITCH

Put real power behind your career and take yourself to the next level with SWITCH.

With SWITCH you will learn who you are, the Self who defines your Way forward by getting your audience Involved.
That by Telling them your story you will Create a movement that makes success Happen.

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Empowering the Arts in Ireland

Giving artists, arts professionals and arts organsations the SUPPORT and SKILLS that allows them to BUILD strong CAREERS in the arts sector. We look at their WHY, WHAT & HOW they do what they do. WE TURN PEOPLES PASSIONS INTO THEIR PROFESSIONS.



Artistic Entrepreneurship Programme Aims

  • Helping the Arts and Culture Sector to become more professional in its business outlook
  • Build suitable Arts Sector in Ireland
  • Making the Arts Sector innovative and market proof
  • Make a positive impact on artists, society and the economy


Giving Something Back

We are getting so many questions for advice about all aspects of running an artistic organisation, project or business that we have decided to give this area of our work a separate name and build it up as a professional service. Having run a very busy, multidisciplinary and intercultural arts venue in Dublin for over 5 years and having worked in the sector for well over 25 years we are more than happy to share this expertise with our Creative Friends!


Defining Your Why

Would you like to make your passion your profession? Have you been trying to make a living from your art? Have you been trying to get an audience for your art? Struggling? This will give you a basic insight into how to change this, the steps you can take and what results you are looking for. It will also ask you the question, WHY am I doing this? For whom, what and why? If you can Define your why, your purpose and your impact; construct your stories; be honest, authentic and one with yourself then you are in a position to kickstart your career in the arts.


Defining the You in your work

We look at the You in your work. We look at how a knowledge of Somatic and Embodied Leadership skills can help you in your artistic practice.  Exploring the idea of CIOACC – Centred, Integrity, Openness, Action, Collaboration and Commitment.  We will also look at motivation and what drives you.  We will also look at what motivates others to engage with your work – be they audiences, stakeholders, funders or customers and how you need to engage on a personal level with them and to look at the World from their perspective.


Turn You Passion Into Your Profession!

New Voices of Ireland Series 3

Beyond the obvious, beyond the familiar
from producing things to nurturing the social capital

Capturing outstanding examples of how artists see their role, and the role of culture, in contributing to social and economic regeneration on a local, national and global level.

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New Voices of Ireland

The theme for 2015 Series is “Beyond the Obvious, beyond the familiar – from producing things to nurturing the social capital”.

Up to 12 projects will be selected to present their work within the Series. The programme will be accompanied by artists’ talks, Q/A sessions a podcast and the catalogue for the Series.

Profile of artists especially invited to submit their proposals are: migrants, experimental, emerging artists, changing their living conditions and environment – coming back to Ireland from migration, moving from rural into urban area etc.

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Pamela Byrne – Transition of Environments

Migration from the familiar to the unfamiliar, Rural to Urban and how this transition has influenced Pamela Byrne’s work. Sculptor Pamela Byrne plays on notions of predator versus prey to make a comment on our ever changing attitudes and relationships to one... read more