One Foot at a Time - Treatment

Sat 1st of Jun at 5pm Admission: Free


One Foot At A Time – Treatment


An intimate short documentary about a Chiropodist based in Dublin City Centre. People have been coming to her for many years (in some cases over 30 years) & have developed a close relationship with her. Genevieve (chiropodist) has gained their trust & friendship. They come for their regular treatment but at the same time, share their unique situations in an environment where fascinating stories can be told. Genevieve shows a genuine interest in her clients & shares true moments of concern, upset, enjoyment and many moments of laughter. Capturing the beautiful expressions of both the individual & the chiropodist, & the unique dynamic between them. She is moved by what these people have done, seen & gone through in their lives.


The documentary is a mediation on the chiropodist’s clinic becoming a focal point of how the older generation is no longer listened to or respected.


Her clients come from all walks of life, each detailing his or her own unique story, past experience & knowledge gained over the years. She will listen to them, value who they are, & understand & appreciate the different situations they talk about. She makes them feel welcome & comforted, knowing that they have a friend to talk to.


The exact moment upon reflection & story telling is what this whole piece of work is about. Their body language expresses frustration with the modern world, content or disappointment with one’s self & if they had a happy or hard life. With the way society has changed & the increasing pace of that change, it’s just nice to be able to take a moment & tell a story.


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