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Is The Illusion of Limited Resources Holding You Back?

get over it and start looking around you

Ian Oliver

Head of Creative Entrepreneurship at the Centre for Creative Practices

So, next time you find yourself facing some kind of limitation, just know that it is an illusion and ask yourself, “Who has the resources I need and how can I access those resources from them?”

Just asking yourself this question will force your mind to think in a totally new way and come up with a creative solution.

But what gets us to this situation, our Mindset

That’s easy, we need to change our mindset. We faced similar problems when we founded CFCP.  We had got ourselves into a different mindset and one we seemed that we could not get ourselves out of. In September 2009 my partner Monika and myself opened the Centre for Creative Practices with an ambition to run an independent, non-commercial arts centre that was sustainable. Now I have to say it did not work out the way we intended but we learned a lot about sustainability, or rather the lack of it in the creative sector along the way.

CFCP soon became known is the only arts organisation in Ireland dedicated to connecting, integrating and promoting migrant, experimental and emerging creatives among the local arts scene.

We were winners of the Arthur Guinness Fund in 2012, named in the Purpose Economy 100 for Europe in 2014, awarded the Multicultural Company of the Year and Shortlisted as Dublin’s Gallery of the Year both in 2011. We received financial support from the Arts Council of Ireland & Dublin City Council.

We ran on average 15 events per month, with a total of over 700 events, engaged with around 1,500 creatives and 16,000 audiences over the course of the space’s lifetime.

And it took us almost three years to dare to price our concert tickets at €10 and to increase our venue hire rent to an “extortionate” €120 per day.

Yes, we were afraid, afraid to realistically price our work, afraid people wouldn’t come, afraid that people couldn’t afford it.  Did we ask them? No, we just assumed it.  We worked in the creative sector and it was more about showing something than making a living from it, or so we thought.

Moreover, through our contact with over 1500 artists we realised that well over 90% of them suffered from the same conditions and false notions that we did, that we cannot expect our audiences or customers to pay realistic prices or to pay at all.

We were not alone then, most of the sector lacked the skills to run a successful creative business or build a sustainable career. Therefore our overriding mission became to acknowledge the fact that we all needed help, irrespective of where on the path we are.

Now CFCP is one of the European leaders in creative entrepreneurship training.  We provide physical creative entrepreneurship training in the form of a 3 ½ days dedicated and focused bootcamp and we are in the process of developing online training programmes. We provide 1-to-1 mentoring to individual creatives and creative businesses.  And have worked with over 1000 creatives and 250 creative organisations since 2013.

What we need is a new model, one that includes to the forefront of creative education the ability of creatives to make a living wage. But is it really the lack of skills? I don’t think so, of course some basic knowledge needs to be provided or gained but the most important thing that needs to be changed is the mindset.

  1. Is being a creative being entrepreneurial as both are very strongly focused on problem solving
  2. Money is not an evil but a fair exchange for professional skills and services provided and that is what creatives do.

What we achieved with CFCP wouldn’t have been possible without a gigantic shift in our mindset. It also led us to realise that we weren’t limited by resources, money, time or experience. We had them all or even if we didn’t have them we had the power and the knowledge to source them.  So if you are stuck just think about what you have and what you need and who can or who has the resources you need, then go and get them.


The Illusion of Limited Resources (ILR)

We have all faced ILR from time to time, for example:

  • When we don’t have enough money to do what we want to do
  • When we don’t have the know how to make something happen
  • When we don’t have the time to do something

What most people do when faced with ILR is give up on their goal and return to their daily lives, citing their limitation as the reason they cannot live the kind of life they want to live.

All of your so called ‘limitations’ are actually ILLUSIONS.

  • “I’ve got kids to think of!” = Illusion of Limited TIME or MOBILITY
  • “I can’t afford it!” = Illusion of Limited MONEY
  • “I don’t know how!” = Illusion of Limited KNOWLEDGE or SKILL

People who use this kind of language don’t accomplish much. They don’t get to experience the excitement, adventure and joy of living a wealthy life because they don’t allow themselves to overcome their Illusion Of Limited Resource.

The Secret To Overcoming ILR

To overcome your illusion of limited resources, you need to stop asking HOW and begin asking WHO…

  • If YOU don’t have the MONEY, someone else does…
  • If you don’t have the TIME, someone else does…
  • If YOU don’t have the KNOWLEDGE, someone else does…

By leveraging the skills, knowledge, time and money of other people, you can all get the resources you need to achieve your financial goals.

If you don’t think you have the money to get these people to help you, that’s just another layer of your illusion (or delusion). Many bootstrapped startups get their employees to work for little money initially by giving them a profit share in the company.

If you have a burning desire, there are resources available to you if you begin to ask WHO.

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Giving Creatives & Artists the Opportunity to Build Sustainable Careers

What I AM talking about here is the entrepreneurial skills creatives need to provide fulfilling sustainable careers, as to be honest, the lack of any basic entrepreneurial education taught in art colleges and schools at present is appalling.

Giving Creatives & Artists the Opportunity to Build Sustainable Careers

What I AM talking about here is the entrepreneurial skills creatives need to provide fulfilling sustainable careers, as to be honest, the lack of any basic entrepreneurial education taught in art colleges and schools at present is appalling.

Creative & Artistic Entrepreneurs Academy

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY bridges two apparently remote poles of human activities – CREATIVITY & BUSINESS to combat unemployment, create new jobs, support development & personal growth.

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ACADEMY at the Centre for Creative Practices is the first entrepreneurial offline and online development programme which combines a physical space for desk / office sharing, an incubator programme, and accelerator programme and access to other creatives, funders, mentors, resources for CREATIVES in Ireland helping them to become successful and sustainable entrepreneurs.

Creative Entrepreneurs Training

Creative Entrepreneurs Intensive Training Programme

3 - 5 February 2017

Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Early Bird Price €250 till 31 December 2016 then €300

You know that feeling? You want to develop your creative or artistic practice and give it some structure. But there is never enough time or resources to focus on the business side of your practice. On the other hand it drives you mad that it doesn’t work as it could and should. You are not making enough sales, not getting enough contracts or you simply do not know how to start to build a sustainable creative career.

We have been there ourselves and know exactly how frustrating it can be. All we can recommend to you is to STOP, take 2.5 days out and join us for our intensive Creative Entrepreneurs Training Programme.

You will spend this time working on the business side of your creative practice. Together with you we will (re)define where you are right now with your creative business and where you want to be. You will formulate goals and steps to take with the primary focus on your specific creative niche.


CFCP Creative Entrepreneurs Academy

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