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The Programme

Culture Night with the Centre for Creative Practices!!!

Join CFCP and 14 artists we have invited to create the thrilling Culture Night experience!

In the amazing building of the Dublin Institute of Design (45 Kildare Street, Dublin) we are presenting a top selection of live concerts, participatory workshops and exhibitions of prints, jewellery and large scale installations.

Please drop in to catch up and for a glass of wino!

See you all there!!


CFCP’s Programme for the Culture Night:


5pm – Beata Maria Kmak – “The Family Orchestra”, interactive, intercultural music workshop

7pm – Ultan O’Brien & his band – “Lifting the Door’s Latch” – live concert

Ultan O’Brien – fiddle/viola/composition; Alex Borwick – Sound design; Paul Roe – clarinets

Niamh Regan – voice

7 pm – Julie Griffiths – “Fold and Rise”- participatory, multi-disciplinary workshop (basement)

9pm – Seanie Vaughan – “Unmissable & Redemption” – singer-song writer, live performance



Gianna Tasha Tomasso – “The Networked Landscapes” – a large scale installation which uses video, sound and projection mapping

Tammy Bradley – “Mind the gap” – jewellery, graphics, drawings,

Joe Ryan – “Bare life” – mono prints

Csilla Toldy – “The Bloom Mystery” – documentary

Leo Boyd – “Belfast, a love story” – prints

 Joe Ryan – “Bare life” – mono prints


Drop In Radio Station

Room 101 Radio from Cork – Live radio programme & podcast by John Adams & Alex Skrzypczak

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Valentines Edition – New Voices of Ireland 4

Celebrate with us a different & very social Valentines evening! Enjoy a participatory, frivolous performance, dream while listening to a heart-warming poetry reading. Celebrate your mate, great company of other people, a really cool venue and a glass of your favourite drink from the pub downstairs.
Catch up with old CFCP friends, meet new people and spend the night in he-arty style.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the Harbour Bar!

Giving Creatives & Artists the Opportunity to Build Sustainable Careers

What I AM talking about here is the entrepreneurial skills creatives need to provide fulfilling sustainable careers, as to be honest, the lack of any basic entrepreneurial education taught in art colleges and schools at present is appalling.