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The Networked Landscapes

Gianna Tasha Tomasso

The Networked Landscapes is a body of work based around research which points to the role of the artist as extolling the virtues of enterprise and social innovation in order to fit within the remit of the culture and creative industries. The departure point of the installation stems from a critical look at the phenomenon of creative cities and the instrumentalisation of artists within the culture production paradigm.

This is a large scale sculptural installation work which uses two elements of the word ‘culture’ and two different methods of projector mapping of video and still image.

The sculptural letters are 7ft tall and are unintelligible at first glance as letters. The negative shape from which the letters were cut displays a projection that can only be seen if the letters are closely examined. Due to this sculpture currently being installed accompanying photos are of installation and do not fully represent the final product.

The installation seeks to outline the notion that while culture is all around us, and while there are over a hundred different definitions of culture, sometimes we are unable to locate and value it as something that need not only have a financial rationale.

The notion of the creative city, cities of culture, and the current political disregard for the arts by not appointing a specific arts department within the government, yet citing the role of creativity in growth and tourism shows a disjointed approach which looks to reap benefits of culture and creativity without having to invest at local and national level.


Listen to The New Voices of Ireland of Series Radio

Room 101 did a drop in radio station over Culture Night for the New Voices of Ireland Series.
Click the image opposite and have a listen

Listen to Part 1 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Julie Griffith,
Monika Sapielak,;
and Ian Oliver,;

Listen to Part 2 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Rita Gibson,
Seanie Vaughan,
Shane Connolly
and Skipper’s Alley LIVE,

Listen to Part 3 - The Guardian, Live From Culture Night In Dublin, with John Adams and plenty of guests:
Ultan O’Brien (Skipper’s Alley),
Tammy Bradley,
Tadgh O’Ciardha Vocal Improvisation,
Joe Ryan,
and Seanie Vaughan Band LIVE,

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Valentines Edition – New Voices of Ireland 4

Celebrate with us a different & very social Valentines evening! Enjoy a participatory, frivolous performance, dream while listening to a heart-warming poetry reading. Celebrate your mate, great company of other people, a really cool venue and a glass of your favourite drink from the pub downstairs.
Catch up with old CFCP friends, meet new people and spend the night in he-arty style.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the Harbour Bar!

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