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Unmissable & Redemption

Seanie Vaughan

Vaughan uses his music to highlight issues in Irish society which he feels need to be addressed. In particular he aims to highlight the struggle of the ordinary person in Irish society. Many singers & songwriters have done this previously but Vaughan aims to do it in a uniquely Irish way, using his experience of growing up in rural Ireland, with my knowledge of politics and history in his songwriting.

Vaughan has always seen songwriting as an important vehicle to express his beliefs about aspects of Irish society and what it is that makes us uniquely Irish. In particular, he was influenced by the ‘Flag Controversy’ which ensued after the Irish tri-colour was flown from the mast at City Hall in Belfast. He felt that the controversy and violence which ensued was totally unnecessary and not in-keeping with the atmosphere of peace which had been upheld there since the signing of the Good Friday Peace Agreement. In the song, he states that we should ‘Leave the Past Behind’, encouraging a renewal of the spirit of peace and freedom for all creeds.

9pm – Seanie Vaughan – “Unmissable & Redemption” – singer-song writer, live performance

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