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The Family Orchestra

Beata Maria Kmak

Can culture help to unify divided cities and people?

Culture definitely can! It is a very complex thing, pulsating with colours and variety, especially in recently multicultural Ireland. The number of foreigners coming here to stay grows every year, and this is positive and enriching.

Music especially is an element of culture, that speaks over divisions, customs and tastes. It is a universal super – language, available to anyone. And whether you are an active musician or just a passive listener, or the exact opposite – passive musician or an active listener, music is the easiest way to get integrated with the society, environment, neighbourhood.

With that in mind, Polish migrant Kmak has started the Family Orchestra in September 2015. A musical meeting, that would involve all members of the family, from babies to grandparents, siblings and carers alike. Everything for a very low cost, and in the comfort of a private home. There is a wide range of instruments available, so that everybody can find something to please: violins, keyboard, ukuleles and guitars, tambourines and percussion. I also provide the basics of music theory, in a fun way, useful on the spot. Dance is also involved, for example Krakowiak (regional Polish dance), Irish dancing, children’s games and rhymes.

That’s when the magic happens. Mothers singing with their children, toddlers strumming for fun, and not in a competitive, but familiar and comforting atmosphere. Kmak uses popular melodies and makes simplified notations, so that younger and older participants can play together. Singing has a particular charm when well-known songs like “Twinkle, twinkle little star” or “Halleluiah” are sung in all the languages present, English, Polish, Irish, French, etc. Everybody can share their language, their customs and traditions. The Family Orchestra will include a short talk, practical demonstration of working method, and then short concert.

5pm – Beata Maria Kmak – “The Family Orchestra”, interactive, intercultural music workshop

Please book by email us at CFCP

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