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Founded in 2009, the Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP) is an award-winning, not for profit organisation dedicated to connecting, integrating, and promoting Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists and intercultural arts practices in Ireland.

We are committed to professionally supporting Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists, effectively showcasing and further developing their talents and enabling them to access resources and the local arts scene. We help migrant and culturally diverse artists to fulfil their creative potential for their own and societal benefit.

Mind The Gap by Tammy Bradley

Offering New Models for Cultural Integration


CFCP is widely acknowledged to be a champion facilitator of intercultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory artistic practices; a potent catalyst for positive intercultural collaborations and a pro-active innovator and pioneer in creative entrepreneurship training. CFCP provides artists in Ireland with the professional skills necessary to build sustainable careers.

CFCP is fully committed to the values of DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, INCLUSIVITY AND RESPECT

Facilitating Intercultural Collaboration


The Centre for Creative Practices runs four annual flagship programmes that promote and support the work and professional development of migrant and culturally diverse artists in Ireland.

Our programmes are also designed to stimulate and facilitate intercultural collaboration between migrant and culturally diverse artists and the Irish artistic community. We support artists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.



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New Voices
of Ireland
Series 9


Artists & Wars

artsitsandwar2022 Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

CFCP New Voices of Ireland Series 9

For the ninth edition of the New Voices of Ireland Series entitled ARTISTS AND WARS, the Centre for Creative Practices invites proposals from artists of all disciplines who created artworks and artistic projects in response to the recent wars in Ukraine, Syria or other parts of the world. We especially welcome submissions from migrants and culturally diverse artists whose lives and works have been directly affected by these wars.

We welcome proposals to showcase visual arts, performance, music, dance, film/video, literature or other forms that will fit well with the multidisciplinary concept of the Series.


Submission Details

14 October 2022

Please submit your proposal via email to monika@cfcp.ie, Subject: New Voices of Ireland Series 9.  Please apply with a short statement about your proposal and selected works (one page), attach images or other relevant materials and an artist biog.

Artists and Wars

The New Voices of Ireland Series aims to present works and practices by migrant and culturally artists to their local peers and broader audiences in Ireland and to invite migrant artists to take part in the current social and political debates. Reflecting upon the imperialist brutality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the dramatic effects of the Syrian war, and the situation in Palestine, to name some of the ongoing conflicts, the New Voices of Ireland Series of 2022 focuses on the gloom reality that peace, our democratic values, the right to enjoy our lives and fruits of our work, all taken for granted in the Western part of the world and the Global North, are unique achievements that if not protected, can disappear in no time when exposed to destructive, totalitarian and extremists’ forces.

The Project

Up to 10 projects/artists will be selected to join the New Voices 2022 group show.  The programme will include a multidisciplinary showcase of selected works and projects, artists’ talks and participatory events for the audiences, an introductory and networking workshop for participating artists, and interviews with the artists for podcasts and online engagement.







CFCP has enabled a multitude of inter-cultural artistic collaborations in Ireland, between artists from home and abroad. We have helped migrant and culturally diverse artists grow their creative practice, immerse themselves in the Irish artistic landscape and make connections that otherwise might have been impossible. CFCP has also created a platform for audiences to discover and enjoy culturally diverse events, with a rich cross-pollination of ideas and themes that reflects the diversity of the artists and their collaborative work.




have been integrated, presented, promoted, mentored and connected with other creatives through CFCP’s programmes and events.




of mentoring and professional development training to individual artists and organisations in Ireland and Europe.




at intercultural, multidisciplinary concerts, performances, exhibitions, happenings, workshops, readings, screenings and debates.

Join In


We took a part in the New Voices of Ireland series. Our experience of collaboration with Centre for Creative Practices were very positive. CFCP team provided us a professional assistance with organization, promotion and set. Conditions were very good for exhibiting and we were very satisfied.

Pawel Kleszczewski & Kasia Zimnoch

Artists, October 2014

We are delighted to initiate a partnership with CFCP… your support is truly appreciated and we look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.
Laurie Uprichard

Director , Dublin Dance Festival