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Nasrin Golden

Birds Nasrin Golden Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

A short animation inspired by Iordanis’s composition “As the Leaves Fall” by which I was deeply moved. The music directed my imagination creating feelings of hope and happiness.

Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Iordanis 2. jpg Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

I composed a new piece of music based on one of Nasrin´s paintings called Shahmaran which is the name of an ancient Persian Goddess.

Themes of identity are the central focus of my current work. I am examining the concept of the false image or persona, how perception can be coloured through the lens of a false sense of self, and how to transcend this in favour of more authentic lived experiences. Themes of sexuality and repressed femininity have always been present in my work. When I relocated from my country of origin, I began exploring these ideas more overtly; as I experienced more of life in other cultures, the feminine experience I knew (shamed, repressed, overlooked) was subverted. These ideas manifest across a range of practices and outputs, including – most recently – forms of camouflage and what these mean for our safety, visibility, self-expression and the inherent conflicts within all of us.

Nasrin Golden collaborated with a brilliant artist Iordanis Sidiropoulos, Greek composer, singer and songwriter. The idea behind this collaboration was that Iordanis would compose a piece of music for one of my paintings. Likewise, I would create a visual representation inspired by a piece of his music.


 This work titled “Tree of Life” is inspired by Iordanis piano piece titled “As the Leaves Fall”. This song is very meaningful, deeply emotional, and uses nature as a metaphor.

When I first listened to ‘As the leaves fall’ I was deeply moved. My first instinct was to illustrate the falling leaves as I felt it reflected the poignancy of the music. I continued to allow the music to direct my imagination which later would lead to this short animation. My intention was to create feelings of hope and happiness.

Iodanis composed a brand new piece of music based on one of Nasrin´s paintings called Shahmaran which is the name of an ancient Persian Goddess.

Shahmaran, or the ‘snake goddess’ is considered to be the keeper of wisdom. The term consists of Shah (Iranian Ruler) and Maran (snakes). Shahmaran can be found within the book of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. Some believe her image can protect against bad events. The snake is a symbol of water and in Persian mythology it is believed that the snake is a master of storm clouds. They dwell within the seas and in times of lightening, they guide the rain to earth and cause fertility. In this piece, I use Shahmaran to relay a symbol of source energy, rain and fertility. The fish (sustained by the ocean) is subject to Shahmaran yet is depicted as honouring the bringer of fertility. (Taken from

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Nasrin Golden

Nasrin Golden – is an Iranian/Irish visual artist based in Ireland. Through photography, painting and video art, her work seeks to transcend cultural barriers and convey the commonalities of shared lived experience. More specifically, Nasrin is interested in women’s issues, especially repressed femininity, identity, notions of self and its manifestations.

Nasrin holds an M.A. in Visual Arts, and a B.A. in Photography. She was awarded Summer School residency with Create in Ireland, June 2019, and was invited to participate in the Women Artists 2nd International Biennial of Macau 2020. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions around the world including: Tehran, Kuala Lumpur, Dublin, Vancouver and Macua. 

Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Iordanis Sidiropoulos is am a multi – instrumental musician, composer and multilingual singer from Greece, living in Dublin. He sings in Greek, English, Italian (including some Italian regional languages) and in Spanish. Iordanis plays proficiently classical guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar, piano and violin and holds a diploma in sound engineering and a Conservatory diploma in electric guitar.

Iordanis composes his own songs and original sound tracks in different genres ranging from Neo classical, Greek traditional, contemporary music and progressive rock. He also composes film music and song covers.

Open Call


Call for submissions for visual arts and multidisciplinary projects by or involving migrant and culturally diverse artists for the Centre for Creative Practices’ 2025 programme

Deadline – 25/02/2024


Open Call | Centre for Creative Practices Programme 2025

The Centre for Creative Practices invites submissions from PROFESSIONAL migrant and culturally diverse artists and local artists working with culturally diverse artists for our 2025 visual arts and multidisciplinary programme. We especially welcome participatory, collaborative, multidisciplinary and experimental proposals by individual artists and collectives. All projects have to include an artist’s talk and a participatory workshop for audiences.

We are inviting project proposals for two strands of our programme:

  • New Voices of Ireland Series
  • Third Space


THE NEW VOICES OF IRELAND SERIES aims to offer broad audiences a unique chance to engage with high-quality work by selected migrant and culturally diverse artists of various disciplines.

THIRD SPACE – collaborative projects between migrant and culturally diverse artists

Artists’ fees, production and marketing costs will be covered, and curatorial and production support will be offered by CFCP for the selected project. Up to 10 projects will be selected.

How to

Interested artists should submit ONE SINGLE PDF document containing the following information:

  • Project/Exhibition proposal – 500 words max
  • CV/History of artistic practice – max 1 A4 page
  • 6 images of recent work – with titles and medium, where appropriate with dimensions
  • Artistic workshop proposal
  • Project budget
  • Proposed timeline venue

Please submit your proposals via email to In the subject line please state: Programme proposal 2025, CFCP

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via email or just give us a call at 086-6084020.

The submission deadline is Sunday – 25/02/2024. Late applications will not be accepted.




Centre for Creative Practices Ltd. (CFCP) is a not-for-profit, national development and resource organisation for migrant & culturally diverse artists in Ireland.

CFCP is committed to professionally supporting, effectively showcasing and developing the talent of migrant artists, offering tailored artistic and capacity-building programmes, mentoring, and resources, and helping artists to access the local arts scene and build sustainable careers.

Migrant-centred and migrant-led, CFCP is acknowledged as a pioneer and catalyst for promoting cultural diversity, intercultural collaboration and exchange.

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The New Voices of Ireland Series is a flagship project of integrative, cultural practice between migrant and local artists as well as audiences curated and presented by the Centre for Creative Practices.

The New Voices of Ireland Series aims to:

  • Connect creative talent from new communities and various social groups from all over Ireland
  • Give migrant and culturally diverse artists an opportunity to share their work and talent with a wide local and international audience
  • Engage artists to express their views on social challenges and the role of culture in modern society through artistic practice
riding the giants Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity

The New Voices of Ireland Series is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Queries: If you have any questions, please contact or call 086-6084020         

Alpha Eosin Red Ink on Vinyl Co polymer 2.2 x 2.2 cm 2015 M Geddis Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity
Alpha Graphite Ink on Vinyl Co polymer 2.2 x 2.2 cm 2015 M Geddis Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity
Bare Life 260cms x 260cms Migrant Artists & Cultural Diversity