Annual Meeting Point for Migrant and Culturally Diverse Artists, June 2019

The CFCP’s annual Meeting Point brings together the growing community of migrant and culturally diverse artists in Ireland. The day-long event is a mix of useful short presentations and talks that will help you enhance your creative career. It is an opportunity to get valuable feedback on your creative ideas and to pitch your projects to peers and industry experts.

Each Meeting Point concludes with a discussion about the ongoing challenges facing the migrant and culturally diverse artistic community. This is critical for the CFCP, as part of our ongoing Needs Assessment process for this community.
We also welcome local artists who have an interest in our work. This helps create a vibrant, engaging network between migrant and culturally diverse and local artistic communities, allowing for new collaborations and cross-pollination!
The next Annual Meeting Point will take place in June 2019. Registration opens in April 2019.

It is a free event except for a small registration fee of €10 that goes towards covering tea, coffee and lunch on the day. If you wish to attend but have difficulty in paying the registration fee, please contact CFCP directly: