For the 7th edition of the New Voices of Ireland Series entitled CULTURAL, URBAN MEMORY – TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES, the Centre for Creative Practices is inviting submissions from migrant, culturally diverse and local artists who work with migrants and other marginalised individuals or communities.

TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES are essential parts of population movements of the twenty-first century. So are the constantly growing cities that have become cultural melting pots. However, the voices of migrants, the main agents of the transition, transculturality and temporality are rarely heard, and if so, it happens mainly in the context of ethnographic and anthropological approaches, placing them at the margins of history.

Thus, for the New Voices of Ireland Series 7 CULTURAL, URBAN MEMORYTRANSITION, TEMPORALITY, TRANSCULTURES we are looking for artistic work about people who are at the margins of national history, who are shaping communities of “otherness”.

We invite works by artists of all disciplines exploring how the cultural memories of the newcomers to Irish cities are transformed, combining pre-existing with the current elements and forming something new. How do all sorts of migrants conceptualise their position between their past and the future that is expected but not yet here? Where do they position themselves in the new web of cultural, ethical, political, and social questions of identification?

Through the New Voices of Ireland Series 7, we want to provide a platform for both physical and conceptual communication between migrant and local artists, their communities and their artworks created through observation and artistic exploration of CULTURAL MEMORIES, TRANSITION, TEMPORALITY and TRANSCULTURES in city environments.

Focusing on the urban settings we aim to broaden the context for artistic production in Irish cities using them as living platforms for intercultural, artistic discovery and research of cultural memories.



Please apply with a short statement (max two pages) outlining details of your project proposal and attach your artist bio and other supporting materials.

Up to 10 artists will be selected to meet, collaborate and collectively shape the final show to be presented from the 14 to 20 September 2019 culminating on Culture Night 2019 in Dublin.

The Series will include collaborative workshops between participating artists in which artists will share their findings, discuss their concepts and methods as well as prepare for the final show. The preparation process and the final show will include participatory activities with various audience groups as well as artists’ talks and Q/A sessions. The entire New Voices of Ireland Series 7 will be documented through still images, video and podcast and displayed on

 Each selected artists will receive a fee of €900.00 for their participation in the project. 100% participation in the workshops, the final show as well as participatory activities and a short text (1 A4 page) for the catalogue will be required. Some funding towards material costs and transport will be available.




23  April 2019


Submission deadline


Week of 3 May 2019


Selection results published


Ten artists invited to take part in the programme


11 May 2019
9.30 am – 5.30 pm
1st workshop


Presenting individual projects & discussing the concept for the final show. Agreeing on project milestones.


15 June 2019
9.30 am – 5.30 pm
2nd workshop


Agreeing on the format of the project/intervention/s. Allocating tasks and responsibilities to each participating artist.


1 September 2019


Catalogue text submission deadline


Each artist to submit a text for the catalogue – 1 A4 page


7 September 2019
9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Venue – tbc
3rd workshop


Production, rehearsal before the show, review


13 September 2019
venue – tbc


Installation of the final show in the selected venue


14 20 September 2019
venue – tbc
New Voices of Ireland 2019 showcase


Final show and the CULTURE NIGHT


20 – 21 September 2019


Taking down the show and wrap up





The New Voices of Ireland Series is a flagship project of integrative, cultural practice between migrant and local artists as well as audiences curated and presented by the Centre for Creative Practices.
The New Voices of Ireland Series aims to:
  • Connect creative talent from new communities and various social groups from all over Ireland
  • Give migrant and culturally diverse artists an opportunity to share their work and talent with a wide local and international audience
  • Engage artists to express their views on social challenges and the role of culture in modern society through artistic practice
The New Voices of Ireland Series are kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland

Queries: If you have any questions, please contact monika@cfcp.ieor call 086-6084020

I am a French filmmaker and I worked with the Center for Creative Practices through the “New Voices” programs, featuring the work of international artists based in Dublin. The CFCP is a great place where you can discover, in a very intimate atmosphere, great artists and great stories. My overall experience with the staff and the program was very nice, I totally support the CFCP.

Wissame Cherfi

Filmmaker, New Voices of Ireland - April 2014

As an emerging artist the new voices series provided me the opportunity to showcase my first solo show and supported me just at the transition from student to practicing artist. The staff at the Centre for Creative Practices were fantastic, so helpful, welcoming and enthusiastic, always on the go setting up the next show, (be it visual or musical) yet despite their dedication to work and tight schedule the staff treat anyone who walk through the door as a good friend and take the time to welcome them wholeheartedly. Having such a mix of audience, like the one at CCP is a really uplifting experience.

Pamela Byrne

Artist, New Voices of Ireland - May 2014

The New Voices of Ireland Series by year.

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